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Trade Rumors - Weekend Wrap

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This clears my Notepad.  There appears to be something to the Tigers looking to add a back-up infielder.  After last season's acquistion of Neifi Perez, one would think they'd hesitate, but maybe the irrational connection between the acquistion of a useless player and winning a World Series is too hard to overcome.

I am shocked to see the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox associated with Eric Gagne given his contractual incentives to remian a closer.  He has a clause that pays him for games finished.  With Riveria, Wagner, and Papelbon, respectively, closing games, those dollars are lost.

Jermaine Dye appears to be doing his best to facilitate a deal by hitting another post-ASB break HR.  If White Sox GM Kenny Williams accepts the equivalent for Dye that he did for Iguchi, a Dye trade would be a lock.

Dallas Morning News

The Angels appear willing to surrender a pair of major leaguers in first baseman Casey Kotchman and lefty Joe Saunders, who started against Detroit on Saturday. Atlanta's deal focuses on catcher/first baseman Jarrod Saltalamacchia and prospects. A Dodgers deal would center on first baseman James Loney and might include outfielder Andre Ethier along with a pitching prospect. The Dodgers, however, may be weighing which is a bigger pickup for them: a hitter or a pitcher.

Baltimore Sun

An industry source confirmed yesterday that the Orioles and Chicago Cubs have engaged in significant trade talks regarding outfielder Jay Payton as the non-waiver deadline approaches.  In return for Payton, the Orioles likely would receive two mid-level prospects from the Cubs' farm system.

Boston Globe

Despite reports that there is renewed interest around the league in Wily Mo Peña, one Sox source said that, as of yesterday, there were still no takers.

It's hard to say what the Sox might do before the deadline. They will not trade their big three prospects, so they appear to be limited. But if there's a way they can restoke the Dye fires, they will

Chicago Sun Times

Dye will be moved, with the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets the leading candidates for his services, but the Sox likely will be stuck with Contreras. Don't expect an immediate game-changer coming to the South Side, either, with a prospect that is at least two years away the likely return.

Denver Post

Covering all bases, the Rockies had a scout in St. Louis watching Troy Percival and Russ Springer, and they remain interested in Boston's Julian Tavarez and the Yankees' Kyle Farnsworth.

Detroit, meanwhile, recently scouted Triple-A shortstop Clint Barmes as they attempt to acquire a utility infielder to replace the suspended Neifi Perez.

Detroit Free Press

Relief pitching is the Tigers' most obvious need, but not their only one. Three big-league executives said Saturday that Detroit officials have intensified their search for a reserve shortstop who would provide insurance in the event of an injury to Carlos Guillen. The most obvious everyday player is Craig Monroe [to be dealt].

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

General manager Doug Melvin said all is quiet on the trade front involving the Brewers and that he expects no further action before the non-waiver deadline Tuesday.

New York Post

The Yankees and Mets join the Red Sox as the teams still trying to land Rangers closer Eric Gagne as the trade deadline nears