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Trade Rumor - Mark Teixeira, Yankees, Cardinals, A's, Astros, Twins, Rockies

There are some good stuff in this morning's papers.  As we close in on the Tuesday afternoon trading deadline, specific names continue to get mentioned more and more.

St Louis Dispatch

Several teams have inquired about the team's stable of righthanded relievers. Should the club indeed make Springer off limits, Troy Percival becomes the most likely trade candidate.

Closer Jason Isringhausen retains no-trade protection. The Cardinals understand that Isringhausen will not accept a deal unless a potential trade partner renegotiates a deal that includes an $8 million option for 2008.

New York Post

The Tigers continue to scout the Yankees and remain interested in reliever Kyle Farnsworth, who didn't work yesterday. The Tigers had Greg Smith on hand at Camden Yards last night. The Cardinals had Cam Bonifay at Camden Yards last night but don't appear to have a match on a deal with the Yankees. Orioles scout Dave Hollins, whose teams includes the Yankees, was on hand. If the O's shop right-handed reliever Chad Bradford, the Yankees would have interest.

How about that Cardinals' reference hidden between the Farnsworth update and possible Yankee interest in Chad Bradford?    Isringhausen would be perfect for the Yankees.  While paying a set-up man $8MM in 2008 would establish a new high, the economics of the game will have to change to prevent it.


Dallas Morning News

The Rangers have been trying to trade DH Sammy Sosa to create room for Botts but have found little interest to this point.

If Kenny Lofton got an A-level prospect, and Tadahito Iguchi got an A-level reliever, then Sammy should fetch something in that area, no?


Los Angeles Times

According to baseball sources, the Rangers wanted three players from the Angels for Teixeira, and the teams apparently agreed on the first two, first baseman Casey Kotchman and left-handed pitcher Joe Saunders....the Angels were hoping the third request would be for a mid-level prospect or major league reserve such as Terry Evans and Nathan Haynes, both outfielders.

The Rangers gave the Angels a list of four names to choose from Friday. On that list were infielder Brandon Wood, the organization's top position-playing prospect, double-A right-hander Nick Adenhart, the organization's top pitching prospect, starting second baseman Howie Kendrick, who is on the disabled list because of a broken finger, and recently demoted right-hander Ervin Santana.

The Angels' response: No way.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Braves have a three-player package featuring their top prospect. catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, plus left-handed prospect Matt Harrison and one of two infield prospects, versatile Brent Lillibridge or shortstop Elvis Andrus.

The Braves have asked for one of three Rangers relievers -- closer Eric Gagne, lefty C.J. Wilson, lefty Ron Mahay -- to be included with Teixeira, especially if the Braves are to include Andrus, an 18-year-old defensive whiz.

New York Post

An executive from another team that had been trying to get Teixeira said his organization had become convinced Teixeira-to-the-Braves was done. In fact, this executive said it was his team's belief that the commissioner's office already had the trade in hand and was deciding whether to approve the deal because the Rangers were going to pay a substantial piece of Teixeira's remaining contract this year

This cutting-and-pasting of stories from three sources certainly makes it look like Teixeira is going to Atlanta.  It would also explain the pie-in-the-sky request for a third player from the Angels after the team already offered two major-league proven players.  Kotchman and Saunders is a better package than the Braves one if one believes major league success trumps prospect hype.


Denver Post

The anniversary date will pass unnoticed next Thursday, but shouldn't be overlooked when analyzing this season. It will mark the 10-year anniversary of Todd Helton's major- league debut...

With 10/5 rights, the Rockies would never be able to get out from under the burden of Helton's contract.  This is an under-the-radar development to watch.


Houston Chronicle

there appears to be a market for infielders Mike Lamb and Mark Loretta.

Both are free agents after the season, and relievers Dan Wheeler and Chad Qualls are also drawing interest.

This is the first time I've seen Lamb's name mentioned.  Is this a signal to manager Phil Garner as Lamb is one of his favorites?  That issue aside, any combination of the hitters plus the relievers should get a quality piece.  I do wonder how the value of Iguchi will affect other second base candidates like Loretta.


Minnesota Star-Tribune

Gardenhire knows Hunter and other Twins are worried about being traded. Second baseman Luis Castillo, reliever Juan Rincon and outfielder Lew Ford and others are also potential candidates to be traded.  If traded, Hunter said he would be willing to work out a long-term deal with that team if he likes the situation.

If Hunter would re-up with an acquiring club, the Twins should be able to get a package approaching the one the Rangers "got" from Atlanta.


San Francisco Chronicle

...Johnson is believed to be on the trading block precisely because of the roster squeeze and the presence of highly regarded prospect Daric Barton at first base in Sacramento...Left-hander Joe Kennedy is also a trade possibility. He's been traveling with extra luggage on this trip.

New York Post

How protective of prospects have the Yankees become? They really want A's first baseman Dan Johnson, who they believe would become a better offensive player away from Oakland's pitcher-friendly park. The A's did not ask for one of the Yankees' valued arms, but rather speedy Triple-A center fielder Brett Gardner and were rebuked.

The Yankees need a first baseman and have two centerfielders in Johnny Damon and Melky Cabrera and turned down Dan Johnson for Brett Gardner?  it must be a bluff in hopes the A's will add lefty Joe Kennedy.  I'd hope.

St Petersburg Times:

The Mariners, meanwhile, have serious interest in reliever Al Reyes and, possibly, Edwin Jackson. A Mets scout also was at the Trop.

With the way the Rays have taken advantage of the Dodgers Ned Colletti, I fear for Mariners' fans.  GM Bill Bavasi is likely to surrender a couple of top prospects for Al Reyes!