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NFL Notes - Creaky Old Guy Edition

A few fantasy-related notes:

Warrick Dunn, RB, Atlanta - Dunn is out for up to six weeks as he undergoes surgery for a herniated disc.  This means he'll miss all of training camp and some of the preseason games as well.  More bad news for the Falcons.  Dunn is a veteran and normally wouldn't need a lot of training camp, but he does have a new coach and a new offense to learn so this won't help him at all.  While I'm not a doctor, I don't think you just bounce back from a herniated disc, especially after ten NFL seasons.  This is bad news for Dunn and I'm moving him down on my draft list. Which of course means that Jerious Norwood moves up.  Norwood was already expected to be a greater part of the offense, but his value continues to go up with Dunn's injury.   Norwood is now likely to get a good share of the carries every week in order to keep the veteran Dunn fresh.  If Dunn is out for the season then put  Norwood down for a 1000 rushing yard season.  

Simeon Rice, DL, FA - The Buccaneers released former fantasy stud Simeon Rice yesterday after signing his replacement, rookie Gaines Adams.  Rice finished with double-digit sacks seven times between 1998 and 2005 but injuires limited him to eight games last season.  He's still not fully healthy and while he'll probably turn up on somebody's roster this year, you don't want him.  Don't be "that guy" who drafts him solely because his name sounds familiar.

Eric Moulds, WR, Tennessee - Don't get all worked up:  Moulds was so bad that the Texans gave him his walking papers.  Yes, he's more experienced than any other receiver on the roster but he's also slower than any other receiver on the roster.   At best he's the #3 WR behind David Givens and Brandon Jones.  At worst, he won't make the final roster.  Don't do it.