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Trade Rumors - LA Dodgers & Angels, Yankees, Royals, Tigers, Red Sox, Orioles

With the non-waivers trading deadline a mere five days away, the trade rumors are getting more numerous and more specific in terms of players involved.  With this increase in reporting activiyt, though, one must wonder if the reports are coming from unique sources or if they are coming from the same few ones.  That is a caution, but it does not take away from the joy of guessing, does it?

Kansas City Star

They continue efforts to pry a top infield prospect away from the Dodgers or convince the Indians to part with outfielder Franklin Gutierrez or even outfielder Ben Francisco. Discussions continue with other clubs, too.

Franklin Gutierrez hit his 7th HR last night.  Given the Indians reluctance to part with him or Ben Frnacisco (hard bargaining?), Peter Gammons' reporting on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" gets more credence.  He said Dotel is likely to end-up with the Dodgers in exchange for 2007 XM Satellite Futures Game MVP Chin-Ling Hu.


Baltimore Sun

With the non-waiver trade deadline approaching and contenders looking to bolster their bullpens, Orioles reliever Chad Bradford is shaping up as an attractive trade candidate - though such a move has become less likely since closer Chris Ray went on the disabled list.

This seems to lend credence my belief that Danys Baez is the closer in Baltimore.  Jamie Walker's 7th inning appearance in a blow-out yesterday does not dissuade me from that notion.  If Bradford can fetch three top lefty prospects like the Padres did, then the new Orioles' GM is making a wise decision to deal him.


Boston Globe

According to a baseball official, the Red Sox are discussing several deals, mainly for hitters, but the price tag for the Rangers' switch-hitting first baseman, Mark Teixeira, is still prohibitive. The Rangers are looking for a combination of Clay Buchholz, Jacoby Ellsbury, and a third player.  One industry source said the Red Sox are one of the most active teams as the deadline approaches, but will not surrender their top prospects in packages to obtain Teixeria or Adam Dunn from the Reds.

It is one thing to be active in terms of trade inquiries.  it is another thing to be active in terms of actual activity like Padres Gm Kevin Towers is active - three trades already.  If Teixeira goes elsewhere, the question is who is the next most coveted power hitter and would his price tag rise to match his new relative standing.


Los Angeles Times

Though there is an outside chance they could acquire Chicago White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye, it appears to be Mark Teixeira or bust for the Angels, who, according to baseball sources, were rebuffed in their attempts to pry Paul Konerko from the White Sox and have all but given up their pursuit of Cincinnati slugger Adam Dunn.

Angels first baseman Casey Kotchman would be part of any package to acquire Teixeira, and the Rangers, who had zeroed in on Ervin Santana before the struggling right-hander was demoted to triple-A Salt Lake on July 18, are believed to be comfortable with left-hander Joe Saunders as part of a deal.

But the Rangers want a third player and are scouring the Angels' farm system to determine who to ask for. If Texas wants one of the Angels' elite prospects, such as third baseman Brandon Wood or double-A pitcher Nick Adenhart, trade talks would fizzle. But if Texas would accept a lesser prospect, a deal would be more likely.

The Rangers are also believed to be interested in outfielders Reggie Willits, Nathan Haynes or Terry Evans as the third player in the deal.

Dallas Morning News

The Rangers continue to sift through trade offers for first baseman Mark Teixeira, but Thursday passed with no significant movement. The Los Angeles Angels, one of three teams in the mix for Teixeira, were the most recent to tweak their offer. The Angels had originally offered first baseman Casey Kotchman and a choice of outfield prospects Nathan Haynes or Terry Evans.
It is believed Los Angeles has now added a pitcher to the mix, but the level of pitcher could vary widely from a young prospect with a high ceiling (20-year-old right-hander Nick Adenhart) to an experienced but struggling major leaguer (recently demoted Ervin Santana) to a prospect on the verge of pitching in the majors (lefty Joe Saunders).

The Braves and Rangers have talked about a deal that would focus on first baseman/catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and also include a minor league pitcher (lefty Matt Harrison) and minor league infielder (Elvis Andrus).

The Rangers have also talked seriously with the Dodgers about a deal for Teixeira and either Joaquin Benoit or Eric Gagne

Given Teixeira's status, he is the big fish, and the fact two local papers are discussing similar trade parameters lends credence to the reporting.  How about that last sentence from the DMN?  Gagne and Teixeira in a package would be bringing back an even better package than either the Angels or Braves have offered.


St Petersburg Times

The Lou Piniella-managed Cubs are the latest team interested in acquiring INF Ty Wigginton, who seems likely to be dealt before Tuesday's 4 p.m. deadline for nonwaiver deals. Others are the Dodgers, Twins, Yankees and Red Sox, who get a firsthand look this weekend.

New York Post

According to talent evaluators from AL and NL clubs the Yankees and Devil Rays are moving closer to a deal that would send Proctor to St. Petersburg for utility infielder Ty Wigginton.

"The Devil Rays really want him," the source said of Proctor, who may be converted into a starter for Tampa Bay. "The problem is that other teams want him, too."

This is a much smaller fish, but interesting nonetheless.  I cannot believe other teams covet Proctor so much while the team he plays for does not.  There is a player assessment mistake in there.  Who is worng is yet to be determined.


Detroit News

It is known that Tigers major league scout Dick Egan was in New York this week, possibly to inspect Farnsworth, long known for his hard fastball and heavy ratio of strikeouts to innings-pitched.

I wonder if the Tigers were scouting the Rockies prospects, as reported yesterday in the Denver Post, with an eye towards flipping Farnsworth to them and Koshansky or Stewart to the Yankees?  Those pieces fit with each team's needs, but what does Detroit get?