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Andre Johnson

This season Texans' WR Andre Johnson is welcoming a new quarterback in Matt Schaub and a new starting running back in Ahman Green.  That sounds like two negatives, but it might be the change needed to propel Johnson into the ranks of the Top Five fantasy wide receivers.  

Johnson finished last season with 1147 receiving yards and five touchdowns, a good year but by no means a great year.  Although he went over 100 receiving yards in four of the first six games, he disappeared late in the season, finishing with only 19 catches for 165 yards over the final five games.  

Now the untested Matt Schaub replaces the too-well-tested David Carr at quarterback.  If Schaub lives up to the price the Texans paid for him, he should be at least as good, and probably much better, than David Carr.  Last season fantasy players drooled at the possibility that Head Coach (and former NFL QB) Gary Kubiak could bring forth greatness from the battered shell of David Carr.  That never happened, but Kubiak may be able to work some magic on the young, untested Matt Schaub.   The potential is certainly there.

The introduction of Ahman Green as the replacement for the Ron Dayne/Wali Lundy/Samkon Gado trio also has to be considered an improvement.  Johnson still doesn't have much help in the receiving corps, but WRs Bethel Johnson and Andre Davis are warm bodies at least.  

Put all these factors together and it's possible that Johnson could move to the next level of fantasy football WR.  If Schaub can perform to expectations then a season of 1300+ receiving yards and 7-8 touchdowns isn't out of the question for Johnson.  Johnson has been projected as a fantasy star for a few years, this could be the year he finally shines.