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Trade Rumor - Mark Teixeira

Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News reports that talks have progressed in a possible Braves-Rangers trade that would have Rangers' 1B mark Teixeira going to the Braves for 1B/C Jarrod Saltalamachia.  As the DMN suggested yesterday, there appears to be a Rangers' reliever being included in the discussions.

The paper mentions that SP Kyle Davies or Matt Harrison and prospect Elvis Andrus as the other pieces.  On this score, I guessed correctly.

"Reinforcements at first base" plus relief help fit perfectly with the DMN suggestion of 1B Mark Teixeira and a reliever, doesn't it?  Saltalamacchia plus a Kyle Davies and a decent prospect would be another very good offer.

Also mentioned is the possibility of a bidding war erupting between the Braves, Dodgers and Angels.

...according to a major league source, have upped an original offer of first baseman Casey Kotchman and a minor league outfielder (either Terry Evans or Nathan Haynes) for Teixeira alone.

If so, this story will have legs until the deadline as Rangers' GM Jon Daniels squeezes out every bit of value he can (and should.)