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Fantasy Baseball Ethics

Your're in a seven-team race with two months left.  First place and seventh place are seperated by twenty points, and the first place team has just 71 points. The first place team has a $39 Miguel Tejeda on his bench, but no room to activate him thanks to a salary cap.  

You've fielded offers from the 1st place club that are meant to reduce his cap.  As most initial offers are, the offer is also slightly in the first place team's favor.  However, there is no recognition of the offering team's additional gain of salary cap space.  The first team is also actively making offers to other teams in order to get cap space to activate Tejeda.

Is it acceptable in fantasy baseball to make sure the other teams are aware of 1st place team's salary cap problems in order to insure the 1st place team pays for the extra cap space he frees-up to activate Miguel Tejeda?