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Trade Rumors - Wrap-Up

The biggest news to come out this morning's newspapers is the report from the Los Angeles Times that the Angels are investigating a Paul Konerko deal with the Chicago White Sox.  Any offer for Teixeira would likely land Konerko, who has more cost certainly thanks to a five-year/$60MM contract he signed following the 2005 season.  At an average of $12MM per season, Konerko is likely going to be less expensive than Teixeira throuhg the 2010 season.  With a plethora of middle infield and pitching prospects, this match-up is more favorable for both teams.

The latest Royal to hit the trade rumor is Gold Glove second baseman Mark Grudzalaniek.  With a $4.5MM option for 2008 that kicks in at 500 plate appearances, Grudz is a very attractive player for a team like the Mets.  Would Mike Pelfrey be too steep a price?

Finally, the Nationals have been rumored to be exploring an extension with 1B Dmitri Young.  After signing 2B Raphael Belliard to a two-year deal, I can't help but wonder that Nats GM Jim Bowden is trying to spite the other major league clubs who won't meet his trade demands.  Young is just a season removed from serious personal issues.  Now a younger, less-expensive Ryan Church is more likely to be moved and two veterans retained?

Boston Globe

The Red Sox remain in the hunt for Texas first baseman Mark Teixeira with the nonwaiver trading deadline approaching, according to a major league source....The Sox also have interest in A's outfielder Bobby Kielty...

Chicago Tribune

"I'd like to tinker with [the roster] if we could," Hendry said. "A lot of that will depend on how we swing the bat here the rest of the week. You can't get up and say, 'Gee, I'm going to go get one more guy.' "

Kansas City Star

Royals veteran Mark Grudzielanek is believed to be on a short list of second basemen eyed by the New York Mets as a possible replacement for injured Jose Valentin.

Los Angeles Times

The Angels, who have had trade talks with Texas regarding first baseman Mark Teixeira, have also resumed their pursuit of Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko, who turned down a five-year, $62-million free-agent offer from the Angels after 2005 to remain in Chicago.

New York Post

The Yankees had scout Jeff Wetherby watching the White Sox yesterday against the Tigers in a doubleheader in Chicago. Since the Yankees play the White Sox next week, Wetherby likely is doing advance scouting. However, the White Sox have heavily scouted the Yankees recently and had scout Bill Scherrer at Kauffman Stadium last night.
The White Sox are getting a lot of interest in right-handed starter Jon Garland, with the Yankees among the teams.

San Francisco Chronicle

The Angels might emerge as a possibility for Piazza if they cannot get one of the other hitters they're pursing; theories on that range from their ex-third baseman Troy Glaus to a particularly tantalizing -- if unlikely -- rumor about Alex Rodriguez. ... The A's were no closer to a deal to move outfielder Bobby Kielty, who was designated for assignment Monday

Gillick has spoken with every team looking to move pitching. But in a seller's market, "there's a lot of feeling-out going on," he said. "We might do something, but it might not be an earth-shaker."
Gillick did admit to having more serious talks regarding a pitcher with one team.
"One situation, we're further down the road than others," he said. "We know our parameters and they know ours. That club is in a good position because there's not a lot of pitching out there."
Gillick would not name the other team, though he did say the proposed deal could involve someone from the Phils' 25-man roster. Best guess: Bourn.

Dallas Morning News

There is less than a week to go to the trade deadline, so I won't tip-toe around. Here's the rundown on who I think is staying and who is going...

Washington Post

Church's name is among those most frequently mentioned as a possible piece in a trade, though scouts and executives have various feelings about his ability.'s Buster Olney

One executive of another team predicted Tuesday, on background, that the Indians will be the club that lands Octavio Dotel.