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MLB News From Yesterday

A great job by Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester in his major league return following cancer treatment.  Against one of the most patient teams in baseball, he struck out six and walked three in six innings of work.

Did you just deal for Twins SP Johann Santana because you figured he's as close to a lock as one can get when chasing wins over the last nine weeks?  He surrounded six runs in five innings with nine runners allowed.  Chasing Wins is a very risky strategy.

Ryan Braun hit his 16th HR last night.  With the injured wrist of Hunter Pence sidelining him for a month plus, Braun is likely the unanimous 2007 NL Rookie of the Year.

Dodgers second-year pitcher Chad Billingsley pitched a complete game to notch his seventh victory against zero losses.  How many fantasy teams preferred Aaron Harang or Chris Capuano to notch a win last night?  With time running out, every start without a win makes it harder to advance in the category.

Can we finally write-off Bartolo Colon?  He left after first inning having allowed four runs.  Between him and the Cardinals' Chris Carpenter, I find myself doubtful about the Mets' Pedro Martinez and his ability to be good in 2007.  The reports of a third simulated game make me nervous given his previous schedule called for two.

Finally, A's pitcher Chad Gaudin is a pumpkin. 3 2/3s innings pitched with six walks amongst the twelve runners allowed is awful.  The fact he walked 5+ batters for the third consecutive start is enough to cut him.

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