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Trade Rumors - Wrap-Up

There have been quite a bit more on the trade rumor front than what the Angels, Braves and Rangers can do to get a Mark Teixeira trade going.  In their local papers, there is news about possible trades for the Nationals, White Sox, Indians, Marlins, A's, Cardinals, Devil Rays and Blue Jays.

Washington Post:

For the right price, a contending team could have relievers Jon Rauch or Chad Cordero, outfielder Ryan Church or first baseman Dmitri Young.""Bowden declined to talk about Dunn. Team president Stan Kasten declined to discuss the team's position in the market.

Chicago Sun-Times:

Until [offseason], there's still a little matter of trying to trade Jose Contreras and the $20 million he has on the books for the next two years, as well as free agent-to-be Jermaine Dye. Seattle, the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers have been scouting the Sox the hardest the last week, but that doesn't mean a deal is pending.

Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Kansas City, 15½ games out of first place in the AL Central on Monday, reportedly want outfielder Franklin Gutierrez or Ben Francisco for Dotel.

Miami Herald:

The club [Marlins] has looked around for a long-term solution in center field, with Franklin Gutierrez of the Cleveland Indians, Michael Bourn of the Philadelphia Phillies and B.J. Upton of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays coming under consideration.

San Francisco Chronicle:

Assistant general manager David Forst said a couple of teams have expressed interest in Kielty. At one point recently, according to several major-league sources, Kielty was close to going to Boston in a purported three-way deal, and the Red Sox nearly completed a deal for him last year, too.

St Louis Dispatch:

[Walt Jocketty] told Post-Dispatch baseball reporter Joe Strauss that he doesn't anticipate going into total sell-off mode. Nor does he expect to deal for mere short-term help.

St Petersburg Times:

The Rays have a list of targeted players, primarily pitchers, at different levels of salary and experience though no free-agents-to-be. Some, such as Yankees reliever Scott Proctor, would fill obvious holes. Others could add to their depth and allow them to deal one of their own core players. And others could be used as bait for bigger deals.
...The Rays, like others, have found the market slow as many teams are putting high prices on young major-leaguers and top prospects (and even the compensatory draft picks they get from losing free agents).

Toronto Sun:

"We have absolutely no interest in Jack Wilson," said Ricciardi. "None"..."I'm not going to trade Josh Towers for a bag of doughnuts, I've got to get something back that is a very good player of us to say, 'Hey, we can hang our hat on this guy.'

Could J.P. equivocate just a little on Jack Wilson and am I the only one who thinks Josh Towers for a box of doughnuts isn't too far off?