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Trade Rumors - Mark Teixeira, Angels, Braves

Update [2007-7-24 15:30:37 by Eric Hz]: Buster Olney reports "Executives with other teams believe that the Texas Rangers are definitely intent on trading first baseman Mark Teixeira before the July 31 trade deadline."

The respective papers of the Angels, Rangers and Braves have offered specifics in terms of the players needed to acquire Rangers' 1B Mark Teixeira.  The LA Times reports that the parameters of a deal were in place prior to the implosion of Angels' pitcher Ervin Santana.  The offer centered on 1B Casey Kotchman and Santana.  That would be a good deal although I wonder if the second consecutive July where the Angels are trying to peddle Santana signals something nefarious.  (Tejeda for Aybar/Santana last July.)  While the LAT doubts Joe Saunders would be an acceptable alternative, I do not.  

The Dallas Morning News makes a suggestion to help get the young first basemen the Rangers need - add a reliever to Teixeira to get things moving.  

While the Rangers would want more for Teixeira than a one-for-one swap, other clubs might be leery of "overpaying" with a premium prospect in a two-for-one deal. But if the Rangers include a reliever in the deal, they might be able to upgrade the level of prospect they receive and even expand the deal to include a second prospect."

The usual suspects brought-up are the Dodgers' James Loney and the Braves Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but the noteworthy player, Casey Kotchman, is where I see the connection between the two papers.  Kotchman/Saunders for Teixeira seems to be more than enough.

The Saltalamacchia mentions segues nicely into this morning's Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that

[Soraino] forced the Braves to work the phones trying to pull off a trade for at least one reliever before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. This comes while they look for another starter -- Livan Hernandez, Jon Garland, Jose Contreras and others have been discussed -- and consider reinforcements at first base.

"Reinforcements at first base" plus relief help fit perfectly with the DMN suggestion of 1B Mark Teixeira and a reliever, doesn't it?  Saltalamacchia plus a Kyle Davies and a decent prospect would be another very good offer.