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Mock Draft Results

On Thursday evening, Fake Teams participated in a mock draft to be included in Fantasy Insider Online Fantasy Football Draft Kit. In a standard scoring format with 12 teams, a flex position and six bench players, FT drew the 9th pick. At that point, the elite RBs are gone and it is too early to select an elite WR. Fortunately, the draft comes back quickly and there is typically a good second-tier RB still available or an elite receiver. Other than QB Peyton Manning, you can take the pick of the QB litter if you're so inclined. (I'm not.)

I've listed both drafts side-by-side in order to facilitate a comparison between the two and to determine whether or not a pattern emerges in my drafting style. Clearly, I see value in Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown and Giants RB Brandon Jacobs in the early second and third rounds. There is also the likelihood of me passing on the upper tiers of QBs to grab one in the late single-digits rounds. FYI, I wasn't taking Michael Vick again. Others agreed somewhat as he slipped to the 13th round and 152nd overall pick.

My strategy going into this second draft was to have RB depth versus having an elite WR. The previous mock draft had a PPR format so comparisons between the two are not possible, but, outside of WR Marvin Harrison, I appear to be indifferent amongst the middle tiers of WR. I also decided to build bench depth by taking a second QB and TE. Normally, I'd just grab one from the pool for the bye week of my starting QB and TE, but wanted to see what a roster with back-ups at those positions would look like. This sacrificed a couple of spots I normally reserve for flyers.

Rd Overall Player POS TM Rd Overall Player POS TM
1 9 Willie Parker RB PIT 1 12 Ronnie Brown RB MIA
2 16 Ronnie Brown RB MIA 2 13 Marvin Harrison WR IND
3 33 Brandon Jacobs RB NYG 3 36 Brandon Jacobs RB NYG
4 40 Javon Walker WR DEN 4 37 Kellen Winslow TE CLE
5 57 Reggie Brown WR PHI 5 60 Deion Branch WR SEA
6 64 Kellen Winslow TE CLE 6 61 Santana Moss WR WAS
7 81 Devery Henderson WR NO 7 84 LenDale White RB TEN
8 88 Brandon Jackson RB GB 8 85 Michael Vick QB ATL
9 105 Matt Leinart QB ARI 9 108 WR Dwayne Jarrett WR CAR
10 112 Muhsin Muhammad WR CHI 10 109 WR Ted Ginn Jr WR MIA
11 129 Marty Booker WR MIA 11 132 Eddie Kennison WR KC
12 136 Alex Smith QB SF 12 133 Mike Bell RB DEN
13 153 Visanthe Shiancoe TE MIN 13 156 Michael Bush RB OAK
14 160 Stephen Gostkowski K NE 14 157 Stephen Gostowski K NE
15 177 Minnesota Vikings DEF MIN 15 180 Atlanta DEF ATL
16 184 Corey Dillon RB FA

My first 2007 mock draft write-up (PPR format)