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Trade Rumors - LA Dodgers & Angels, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Arizona D'backs

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The Pittsburgh Post-gazette reports the team requested Blue Jays' 3B Troy Glaus in return for SS Jack Wilson.  It is laughable, but, if it is just an opening salvo, then maybe it is not as ridiculous as it appears.  If the Pirates added Salomon Torres and/or a starting pitcher, the Jays would be forced to defend any decision not to advance the trade talks.  The paper also alit upon a Torres-for-Wily Mo Pena possibility.

The Arizona Republic offers an interesting rebuttal to the rumor that the D'backs were shopping Livian Hernandez.  It reports:

The club believes it wouldn't get enough in a trade to offset the value of compensation draft picks it would receive should Hernandez depart as a free agent in the winter.

I find it interesting because it demonstrates a recognition of additional consideration that a team trading or acquiring a free agent-to-be carries.  What I am not sure about is how much a speculative pick is better than a proven minor leaguer.

Jeff Kennard acquisition aside, the LA Times reports the Angels are still looking for a big bat.

"We still have other things we're trying to do," Stoneman said Sunday. "There are still some other discussions going on.... What we're looking for is somebody to be an everyday guy and a guy to help us."

This comports with the information Ken Rosenthal provided this morning on "MLB Home Plate" on XM Radio.  Mr. Rosenthal also mentioned that the Washington Nationals are interested in trading for Reds' OF Adam Dunn and resigning him to be a centerpiece of the team.  

He also provides plenty of rumors in his latest FOXSports column. He gives the Dodgers the best odds of landing Royals' closer Octavio Dotel with 2007 Futures Game MVP Chin-Lung Hu as more likely than UT Tony Abreu.  The Indians aren't willing to deal Franklin Gutierrez or Ben Francisco for Dotel, and the Red Sox could get involved as Rockies closer Brian Fuentes is still dealing with a troublesome lat muscle.

Within these chats, there is likely to be discussions of these and other trade possibilities/opportunities.

Click on either during the hour they start to discuss MLB with Steve Phillips at noon, and MLB with Buster Olney at 1PM.  Note it was Buster's blog that carried the Livan rumor.