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MLB News from Yesterday

Yesterday, brought fantasy players, and their major league counterparts, some first-class agita. A look at some of the following performance by relievers and starters demonstrate the risk inherent in either trying to preserve one's ratios i.e Troy Cate, or chasing wins i.e. all the starters but Verlander. With only 60 games remaining, appearances like these become much harder to overcome.

Reliever Team Stats
Brian Stokes TB 1 IP 5 ER
Cla Meredith SD 1 IP 5 ER
Todd Coffey CIN 0IP 4ER
Troy Cate STL .1IP 4ER
Chris Spurling MLW .1IP 5ER
Jay Witasick TB 1IP 4 ER
Jae Kuk Ryu TB 1.2IP 5 ER
Starter Team Stats
David Wells SD 4.1Ip 7ER
Cliff Lee CLE 6.2IP 7ER
Wandy Rodriguez HOU 5IP 6R
Jorge De La Rosa KC 4.1IP 7ER
Justin Verlander DET 5.2IP 5 R
Braden Looper STL 2.2IP 7ER
Jorge Sosa NYM 4IP 6ER