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Trade Rumors - Texas Rangers

The Dallas Morning News reports the Texas Rangers are "strongly leaning" towards signing closer Eric Gagne to a contract extension rather than trading him.  Given the alledgedly sky-high prices GM Jon Daniels is requesting for Gagne, this seems to be a logical next step in the press negotiations.  I'm unconvinced it is more than that.

Unfortunately, reliever Akinori Otsuka is on the disabled list with forearm issues.  The Rangers are willing to turn over all the medical information the team has on the condition, but that isn't enough to entice any team to deal a quality player or two for Otsuka.  As a result, reliever Joaquin Benoit has become more attractive.  With two good seasons (including 2007) in the past six, the Rangers would be wise to sell Benoit high.

According to the same article, the Dodgers have talked to the Rangers about Mark Teixeira, but those trade talks are not moving quickly.  Given Teixeira is under contract throuhg next season, one would expect the Rangers to get more in return than it could get for Gagne.  The Dodgers have the young postion players and prospects that all team would want.  1B James Loney, OF Andre Ethier and AAA reliever Jonathna Meloan looks like a serious proposal.

There is also mention that a Braves scout was at Friday's game.  Any Braves/Rangers deal would begin with Braves 1B/C Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  Surely, the Braves would include starter Kyle Davies, but other teams may prefer current 5th starter Jo Jo Reyes.  Heck, Reyes may still be on the 25-man roster in order to showcase him.  Add in either current LF Matt Diaz or AA OF Brandon Jones, and that has the makings of a serious offer.