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Trade Rumors - Devil Rays, Yankees and Brewers

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The St. Petersburg Times reports the Devil Rays and Yankees are nearing a TY Wigginton-for-Scott Proctor trade.  Of course, it relies upon the NY Post article mentioned in yesterday's Trade Rumors report so take it with a grain of salt.  The report appears to be a recycling of old news.  If it is more than that, do not be surprised to see Proctor slide into a semi-closer role given current closer Al Reyes is still on a limited-use schedule.  As a matter of fact, there is fresher info in this morning's NY Post

In similarly fresh trade rumor news, the paper relays that the Rockies may be interested in recently demoted, an unhappy, second baseman Jorge Cantu.  Why the Rockies would want Cantu is debatable, but what is not is that Cantu should be relatively inexpensive to acquire.  Sadly for the Yankees, he represents a big upgrade for their bench.  My apologies to all the Miguel Cairo, Wil Nieves, and ... um, is there anyone else on the Yankees bench?

Brewers' owner Mark Attanasio has given the public OK to add payroll in the Brewers' quest to end a quarter century play-off draught.  In this morning's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, he also provide this laugher.  He relays that a team called and said they liked SP Yovani Gallardo and 3B Ryan Braun.  No Kidding?  It is statement like that by inquiring teams that makes trading so difficult.  Also mindsets like that that demostrate professional incompetence on the part of the other GM.