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Trade Rumors - Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates

Paul Haga at advices the Phillies to deal rookie centerfielder Michael Bourn to the Pirates for relievers Sahwn Chacon and either Salomon Torres or Damaso Marte.  I have to admit that this trade looks absolutely perfect for both teams as the Phillies need bullpen help - Torres could close - and the Pirates need a a player with the ability to draw a walk.  He also suggests Bourn to Kansas City for closer Octavio Dotel.  That isn't quite the match as the Royals currently have a player similar to Bourn in Joey Gathright.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette speculates that the acquistion of SS Cesar Izturis portends the trade of Jack Wilson.  This is a logical conclusion that flows from an illogical move.  Izturis is in the final year of a three-year contract and possesses no hitting abiltiy whatsoever.  An OBP under .300 and 8 RBIs in 191 ABs attests strongly in that assertion's favor.  Also, the Pirates needed a player like that even less than other teams do as it already has the aforementioned Jack Wilson and UT Jose Castillo.  Any team willing to take Wilson and the remaining $14MM through 2009 would immediately be marked as "suckers" going forward.  I'm afraid Pirates' GM Dave Littlefield will have a hard time finding someone to increase his club's membership beyond one.