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Trade Rumors - New York Yankees

Today's NY Post reports the Yankees remain interested in Dodgers' utility infielder Wilson Betemit.  The Dodgers are talking with the Royals about their closer Octavio Dotel because he is preferable to the Yankees' offer of Scott Proctor.  That makes a lot of sense because the Yankees need bullpen help and are trying to send one of their "better" ones to the Dodgers for a utility player, which they also need.  This borrow-from-Peter-to-pay-Paul thinking signals that Proctor has been chewed-up and spit out the same way Joe Torre did to Ramiro Medoza, Steve Karsay, Jeff Nelson and Mike Stanton.

The same article mentions that Tampa Bay is willing "to listen to anything about anybody" on its roster.  In that context, Ty Wigginton's name is attached to a Scott Proctor offer, but the DRays apparently want more than that.  Is that reasonable?  Yes.  While Betemit is younger, he has not put together two good seasons in a row.  Wigginton is doing that as you read this.  His four previous seasons weren't awful either.

The rumors aside, I have to ask why Joe Torre has not used rookie reliever Edwar Ramirez since July 6th.  After debuting on July 3rd by striking out the side against the Twins, he pitched one and a third innings on the 6th against the Angels.  Since then nothing.  With a day/night doubleheader on Saturday, I expect that inexplicable bullpen management to end.  With Kei Igawa going in the day game, the Yankees are likely to need at least three innings of bullpen work.  If Edwar Ramirez does not appear in that game, there is no reason for him to be on the roster, and he will likely be sent down when the Yanks call-up the night game starter, Matt DeSalvo.