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News From Yesterday

The A's used their back-up catcher at DH and still whupped the Yankees 1-5 and took two of three in the Bronx.  In the three games, the Yankees scored seven runs.  At 37-41, this team wants to give everyone a jump start on its 2007 eulogy.

Kevin Gregg blew his first save of the season.  With 47.2 innings pitched, he is on pace for 95.  He threw 78.1 last year and 87.2 in 2004 so it may not be a concern, but I suspect the All-Star Break can't get here soon enough for him.

When the season began, there was a question of how well the Cardinal's Chris Duncan would do following his 22 HR rookie campaign.  With his 15th HR yesterday, he is now on pace for 30.  That is as well as anyone could have expected.  Maybe his pedirgree with get his brother Shelly Duncan a shot with the Yankees.  293/377/572 seems worthy doesn't it?

Minor league shortstop Andy Gonzalez again started in the outfield for the White Sox.  I need no other information than that to know the White Sox' season is beyond repair.  His 2006 slash stats of 271/354/383 and his 2007 AAA one of 242/358/387 say enough.  He did go 3-4, though.

Derrek Lee went 3-4 and raised his AVG to .346.  Unfortunately, none of those three hits were a HR, and he remains at six for the season and homerless since June 3rd.  The AVg is stellar, but there is not a single person who drafted Lee with the expectations of 12 HRs.

Oh, Tim.  If every other start could be so sweet.  12 strikeouts in seven shutout innings with a W.  

But for the three fewer strikeouts, Dodgers' second year post-highly-touted-pitching-prospect starting pitcher Chad Billingsley would have equalled current-highly-touted-pitching-prospect starting pitcher Tim Lincecum.  For the remaining 50% of the season, who is going to be better/easier to obtain/add?

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