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Backup RBs - NFC North

Guess what?  It rained all weekend. Oh well, had a great time anyway. Speaking of inclement weather...

Now it's backup running backs from the snow covered fields of the NFC North.  Well, two snow covered fields and two pleasantly warm domes.  This division features three rookie running backs, each of whom should have a fantasy impact this year and three new #1 running backs.   If you're looking for a breakout running back, this is likely where you'll find it.

Chicago (#1 - Cedric Benson) - The Bears depth chart shows Adrian "Not that Adrian" Peterson as the #2, but you can forget about him.  The guy to know is rookie Garrett Wolfe out of Northern Illinois.  Wolfe is small (some say too small) and fast (some say too fast) and should see playing time in a Jerious Norwood-type of role.  Unless Benson stinks up the place, in which case Wolfe may start.  So if you draft Benson, Wolfe makes an excellent handcuff.  If the Benson owner in your league isn't smart enough to know that, grab Wolfe in the last few rounds as a flier.

Detroit (#1 - Tatum Bell) - Right now the #2 is T.J. Duckett, a bruising runner who never really got a chance in Washington last season.  He should be the "thunder" to the "lightning" of Tatum Bell this season.  Duckett isn't a good handcuff though, because he'll be replaced as the #2 by Kevin Jones when he returns from injury.  Jones should be available late in your draft, but we probably won't know if he's really back from his injury by the time you draft.   Even if he is healthy, there's a good chance the Lions will use all three backs in a committee, which doesn't help you out at all.

Green Bay (#1 - Vernand Morency) - Calling Morency the #1 RB is like calling Lindsay Lohan sober: it's probably just temporary.  Morency will have to beat out Brandon Jackson, the rookie out of Nebraska who has been garnering rave reviews in early workouts.  Morency has the nod right now, but I expect to see Jackson starting games this season.  Jackson isn't a handcuff to Morency, he's an alternative to Morency.  I wouldn't want to get stuck with both Morency and Jackson on my team, so follow the news out of camp and then gamble on one or the other.

Minnesota (#1 - Chester Taylor) - I'm still upset it was the Vikings that drafted Adrian Peterson instead of a team that would immediately install him as the #1 starter.  Still, Peterson will get plenty of work anyway as the Vikings move the offense away from Tarvaris Jackson and towards a running back by committee approach.  Peterson would be a fantasy monster if he ever had the starting job to himself.  Which you probably knew already.