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Trade Rumors - Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers

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According to this morning's Boston Globe, the Red Sox are "actively" shopping back-up OF Wily Mo Pena.  He has struck out so many times this season that he is making Rob Deer look like a contact hitter.  However, he is just 25-years-old and should still retain some value despite the Red Sox need for power, and the team's reluctance to use Pena.  From the story:

while the Sox still acknowledge the raw potential, there is substantial evidence they have concluded he is inadequate for the role they need.

Why do teams think they can sucker other squads with their garbage?  Oh yeah, the 25-years-old thing.

With Rockies closer Brien Fuentes expected to be activated today, the Denver Post expects there to be several teams scouting him.  Amongst them is the Red Sox.  Given Fuentes is signed through next season, Fuentes is a reliever that should make the Sawx consider dealing CF speedster Jacoby Ellsbury.

With the Rockies OF/Corners logjam, the deal could probably be expanded to include the superfluous Jeff Baker who could strengthen the Red Sox bench if Pena is dealt.  

Finally, there appear to be names being attached to various trade rumors.!  The Arizona Republic reports the Diamondbakcs have been king about a couple of outfielders, the Yankees Bobby Abreu and White Sox OF Jermaine Dye.  And, if the player requested is true, then it isn't only pitching that causes PVD (Player Value Dysmorphia.)  The paper reports the asking price was AA OF Carlos Gonzalez.  Given the Yankees acquired Abreu for nothing, I can't imagine them believing they could flip Abreu a bad-season later for more - a lot more.

The Twins are taking positive steps to work out a trade strategy as reported in the Minnesota Star-Tribune. Unfortunately, the GM Terry Ryan and his manager Ron Gardenhire are not on the same page.

After Gardenhire last week wanted the club could be interested in dealing for quality starting pitching, Ryan said Wednesday that he's looking more for hitting help.

Give Gardenhire some props for his credible delusions as he stands behind the embarassment the team sends out at DH every night, but the Twins need to solve that problem.  Apparently, CF Torii Hunter has as great an understanding of the team's weak, er, strengthenable areas as his GM.  Hunter says, "Dmitri is definitely the guy.  If not Dmitri, Ty Wigginton, Kevin Mench. But Dmitri is a guy who's been an All-Star; he's hit .300 almost every year."

As impressive is Hunter's ability to tick-off three players who are available, these players are ones who would be within the price range of what the Twins could pay and offer.  For some more intelligent Twins' trade discussion, visit Twinkie Town.

What would a day be without a Rangers update.  The Dallas Morning News reports the Rangers would like to deal OF/DH Sammy Sosa but are not receivng much interest. hopefully, this would reduce the price tag requested by the Rangers as the aforementioned Twins would be a great fit.

Given that 4A OF/DH Jason Botts was just placed on the 7-day DL with a broken finger tip, the Rangers have no need to rush a deal to open a spot for Botts.  Maybe by then, reliever Akinori Otsuka will also finally be healthy.  My spider sense is tingling, and I would be very afraid of acquiring Otsuka as this continuing forearm trouble is...troubling.