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NFL News - One More For The Road Edition

Some news and notes from the NFL, where it's always happy hour.

Dominic Rhodes, RB, Oakland -  This is old news, but still worth commenting on.  Rhodes has been suspended the first four games of the season for violating the league's substance abuse policy related to a drunk driving charge.  Rhodes should drop on all your draft sheets, but he's still a good fantasy selection.   When Rhodes comes back he should be splitting time on a team that will be running the ball a LOT this season.  After his four game suspension and a Week 5 bye, the Raiders face the difficult Chargers.  At this point fantasy owners will probably have soured on Rhodes.  The next two games are Tennessee and Houston though, both of which should be solid games for Rhodes. If you can grab him late as a #4 running back he should pay off as a bye-week or injury fill-in for your team.   He may even be better than that.

Jared Allen, DL, Kansas City - Allen had told the press earlier that he was going to be suspended for four games after being arrested twice for DUI, so it's a nice bonus that it's only two.  With 27.5 sacks the past three seasons Allen is a great IDP choice for your team, even with the suspension.  If you have the roster space to keep Allen on the bench for the first two games, you should get an every-week IDP starter for a late round draft pick.

Chris Chambers, WR, Miami - D'oh!  Chambers was arrested after failing multiple sobriety tests.  What is it with NFL stars and drunk driving?  If I can remember to take a freaking cab, why can't these guys?  Chambers' hearing was postponed until August, which only pushes the unknowns out another month.  If charged, Chambers is almost certainly facing a four-game suspension though it might not occur until the middle of the season.  That suspension is already enough to drop Chambers in your draft, but there's no way to know how he will perform early in the season with that hanging over his head.   This should be a great opportunity for Marty Booker to excel and for Derek Hagan to establish himself.