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MLB News from Yesterday

Brett Tomko stepped-in and pitched five effective innings for his second win of the season.
With the trading deadline closing, this may be enough to get Tomko on the radar scenes of all the teams in need of back-end filler.

Does being swept by their bitter rivals, the Los Angeles Dogers signal the start of the San Francisco fire sale?  While the players may be old, they are perfect as the veteran presence many teams like to add for a play-off push.

Eric Byrnes stole his 19th base for the Diamondbacks. With 14 HRs and a .300+ AVG, he looks like Gary Mathews Jr going into free agency.  Could some team possibly give Byrnes $50MM?

The Angels started rookie Brandon Wood at 3B.  He went 0-3.  That isn't noteworthy, but the fact the didn't strikeout was.  With Chone Figgins starting at 2B, is it possible the third recall is the charm for Wood?

The A's used closer Alan Embree in the 8th inning and brought Joe kenedy in to start the 9th with  the game tied 3-3.  That seems odd unless one takes it as a signal that closer Huston Street is ready to return.

The Devil Rays have to pulla Krivsky and trade some offense for some bullpen arms.  This time Casey Fossum blew the win agains the Yankees.  The bullpen is absolutely pathetic, and the offense isn't good enough to compensate.  It is time for the Rays to put a team on the field and not just a bunch of good fantasy parts.

White Sox OF Jermaine Dye homered twice against Orioles' rookie Garrett Olson.  With two weeks
until the trading deadline, these home runs will have more importance than anythign he had done in April, May or June.  (ed: Wasn't that one of Bud Bundy's girlfriends?)

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