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Trade Rumors

Today's various trade rumors are the kind that lend themselves to various commentators statements that no big names will be dealt.  The Baltimore Sun  mentions 1B Kevin Millar as a potentially valuable player.  

I agree if "valuable" is defined as "obtainable for something that doesn't disrupt the other teams' short- and long-term outlook."  The same can be said about Steve Traschel who is scheduled to pitch this Saturday.  However, a combination of the two would likely bring back something more valuable.  Assuming pitching to be a need of every team, the Orioles could use some infield depth, preferably at 3B - no offense to Freddie Bynum and Brandon Fahey.  My apologies. I forgot to add Luis Hernandez to that mix.

The Kansas City Star reports the Royals are trying hard to trade OF Reggie Sanders and are willing to eat the rest of his contract.  There are a lot of teams that could use some OF/DH depth - the Yankees, Twins, Angels, Mets, Braves, Cardinals.  I have little doubt Sanders will be in a different uniform on Agust 1st.

The Cincinnati Enquirer" mentions SP Kyle Lohse only has two more starts to impress prior to the 7/31 deadline.  Wow!  Steve Traschel.  Kyle Lohse.  What a market for pitchers!  Sarcasm aside, Lohse would look good in San Diego, and the Padres have enough middle relievers to entice GM Wayne Krivsky.

FOXSports' Ken Rosenthal was a guest on Baseball This Morning on XM Radio's MLB Homeplate channel 175.  He mentioned that White Sox SP Jose Contreras is not an attractive trade target due to decreased velocity and a $10MM price tag in 2008.  He does expect OF Jermaine Dye to be moved and possibly 2B Tadahito Iguchi.  With the struggles of 2B Adam Kennedy, Iguchi would be an excellent fit for the Cardinals.

Mr. Rosenthal made a statement that makes Moneyballers proud.  He conveyed that prospects currently as overvalued as proven veterans were five years ago.  If this is the case, then expect someone to deal a top prospect for a couple or three helpful veterans - assuming there is a GM with the courage to make that trade.  With the A's under .500, the most intrepid of the GMs is out of the running, but do not be surprised to see the Mets' Omar Minaya do something a la Milledge and Pelfrey.