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Sports Club Stats

I like to link to other bloggers who have a unique perspective on sports of all kinds, but the big three - baseball, footbal, and basketball- in particular.   I also enjoy sites that provide information that spurs on conversation.  Along those lines, I have been made aware of a sports blog that provides the likelihood of each professional team making the play-offs based on that nights' games.  It is called Sports Clubs Stats: Your team's chances of making the play-offs.

The site provides a lot of interesting information.  Did you realize the Blue Jays chances of making the play-offs improved by 1.7% because Jeremy Accardo was able to close out Shaun Marcum's win?  Or that the Yankees' chances lessened by 1.6% after their $28MM pitcher was unable to keep Josh Wilson from tripling in two runs?

To see which lines on the graphs correspond to your team of interest, roll over the team's name in the "Chance will make playoffs" column.  The team's line will then be bolded.  Right now, the Red Sox, Angels, Tigers and Indians will be the most likely play-off teams.  Visit the site to the likely National league ones.

As an added bonus, the site covers NASCAR on a regular basis as does the SB Nation's Restrictor Plate This.