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Trade Rumors - Eric Gagne, Mike Piazza, San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies

On Thursday, Joel Zumaya played catch with fellow DL resident, Fernando Rodney.  If reports continue to be positive, the Rangers may lose a potential suitor for Eric Gagne, who will want to close as he re-enters free agency this winter after taking a one-year deal with the Rangers.  Gagne has a limited no-trade clause that gives him veto power over trades to 18 teams, and he would be wise to execute it if he is going to be dealt to a team that isn't going to put him in the closers role.  Detroit would be one of those if Zumaya looks like he will be back before or soon after the July 31st trading deadline.

San Francisco Chronicle reports DH Mike Piazza will spend the next week-to-ten days rehabbing in AAA Sacramento and Class A Stockton.  That is a long time, and the A's have been dragging their feet on activating Piazza thanks to the success of DH Jack Cust and 1B Dan Johnson.  Piazza' agent says the A's and Piazza have a gentleman's agreement that Piazza won't be traded somewhere he does not want to go.  Given his preference for the Coasts, does this preclude any of the teams in the AL and NL Central?  The Twins would seem like a perfect fit.

The San Diego Tribune reports GM Kevin Towers says he is not likely to trade for a big bat but is more likely to focus on a starting pitcher and a bench player.  Depending on what he is willing to trade, Tampa Bay's Ty Wigginton would fit perfectly as a bat behind 2B Marcus Giles and 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff.  Towers has shown the knack for finding middle relievers.  Maybe he can deal a Heath  Bell and Royce Ring or Kevin Cameron and replace them internally.  Another option would be Kansas City's Reggie Sanders, whose activation from the disbaled list this week will make him a very popular name on the trade rumor circuit.

 Phillies' manager Charlie Manual wants pitching.  Maybe the Dodgers' Brett Tomko, who is complaining that he wants to start next year and not work in meaningless relief innings, would be an easy fit as he could likely be had for a PTBNL and/or cash.