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Larry Johnson to the Packers?

The latest rumor burning up the intertubes is that the Packers are closely watching the Larry Johnson situation in Kansas City, supposedly because they are interested in working a trade for Johnson.

To which I say: "Ha-ha-ha-well crazier things have happened."

There are three factors keeping LJ from being happy and driving these rumors.   One, the Chiefs don't want to pay Johnson the monster Tomlinson-sized contract that it will take to make him happy.  Two, Coach Herm Edwards has said publicly that he wants the Chiefs to "get younger".  That "get younger" statement was used to explain dumping QB Trent Green and bringing in QB Brodie Croyle.   Here's the third reason most people aren't talking about: the Chiefs aren't going to be very good this year.  

A rookie QB, three underwhelming receivers (the best of whom might also be a rookie), a decimated offensive line, a middle-of-the-road defense and a tough schedule means the Chiefs should end up around 8-8.  Again.  

So the Chiefs may be asking themselves what the point would be to pay Johnson $11-12 million a year only to have the team languish near .500.   How many more seasons of 400+ carries does Johnson have left in him anyway?  Wouldn't it be better to "get younger" and just start fresh right now?  Especially if trading Johnson brings (something like) a 2008 first round draft pick, a 2009 second round draft pick and rookie RB Brandon Jackson to Kansas City?

From a fantasy perspective, a Larry Johnson trade would obviously be a blockbuster.  RB Michael Bennett would immediately be the #1 RB, though rookie Kolby Smith would be the trendy sleeper pick to take over.  The value of TE Tony Gonzalez would go way up as the team finally balances their current run-heavy offense.  

On the other side, the Pack instantly becomes a wild card contender.  No, I'm serious.  Green Bay has an excellent offensive line, better than the Chiefs in fact, so LJ's value stays sky high.  WR Donald Driver's value probably drops a bit, but WR Greg Jennings should still be a solid fantasy choice.  Favre becomes a bit of a better fantasy option, but he's not going to be the Favre of old.  

A Larry Johnson trade would shake things up for fantasy players, but it would shake things up for the Chiefs most of all.  Fantasy football is ready for such a shake-up, but I doubt Herm Edwards and the Chiefs are ready.