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Trade Rumors - White Sox, Rangers, Rockies, Brewers, Reds, Braves

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A suggestion is provided by Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times that the White Sox  should "trade right fielder Jermaine Dye, shortstop Juan Uribe and prospects if needed to the San Diego Padres for shortstop Khalil Greene, reliever Scott Linebrink and prospects."  I suspect this has one too many "and prospects" in it.  Specifically, the Padres are not sending anything more than Greene and Linebrink to the White Sox.  Nevermind that Linebrink is a free agent at season's end, and the White Sox are not in contention this season.

Sticking to White Sox trade rumors, Tracey Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News reports the Rox inquired about the White Sox starting pitcher Jose Contreras.  The asking price?  3B Ian Stewart and LHP Franklin Morales.  I can understand the Rockies not continuing along that line of negotiation.  What is more interesting to me is the Ian Stewart portion.  Does it signal the White Sox do not like current rookie 3B Josh Fields and plan to solve its iron-deficeint outfield by making Fields permanently switch there?  Stewart for Contreras seems like a fair deal, but the Rockies seem as loath to alleviate prospect logjams by dealing their young players as the Angels are.  This Denver Post columnist has little faith in the Rockies' ability to improve their team via a trade and some unkind words for GM Dan O'Dowd.

The Atlanta Journal Constituion  mentions the Braves have inquired about a reliever.  Cincinnati's "versatile' David Weathers is a the player mentioned as a possiblity.  There is also speculation of a Jeff Conine-type acquistion versus a bigger splash acquisition like Mark Teixeira.  Interestingly, the writer, Dave O'Brien, mentions two Reds.  Does he just have Reds-on-the-mind or is he privy to insider information?

In the context of denying a Ken Griffey-to-Milwaukee rumor, Brewers' GM Doug Melvin admitted that he was speaking with his Reds counterpart Wayne Krivsky.  If not Griffey, what do the Reds possess that the Brewers need?  Could Adam Dunn and his if-traded-free-agency especially appeal to the Brewers because the team has so many young players and relievers that it would prefer a "veteran" rental over a longer-term contract?  With the emergence of Carlos Villanueva, I can see the Brewers dealing a Matt Wise, Tony Gwynn Jr and/or a SS prospect like Alcides Escobar to the Reds.  Whether Dunn's current market matches that offer is a seperate issue.