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Trade Rumors - Yankees, Mark Teixeira, Ken Griffey Jr, Dontrelle Willis

The New York Post's Mark Hale briefly mentions a player Yankees' fans should keep in mind as the trading season heats-up - Tampa Bay's super-utility man Ty Wigginton.  Would Tampa Bay accept a reasonable offer from a team within their division, and does the team even want to assist the Yankees?  Whether the Rays would deal with the Yankees, Wigginton is the type of player the Yanks need.  I've spoke about the Dodgers' Wilson Betemit and believe Wigginton provides the same qualities - positional flexibility with power.

Reports say the Twins are looking to add a bat as the embarassment of DHs the team parades regularly begins to draw the scorn of the baseball punditry.  Jason Tyner?  Mark Redmond?  Come on!  The only question is whether the team goes ultra cheap a la Shea Hillenbrand or if it deals some of its pitching depth for a bat that is good enough to remain on the 25-man roster of his current team.

When trying to determine possible trades, one should be aware of what the selling team needs.  While it is desirable that the Marlins would take Eric Duncan and Kevin Thompson from the Yankees for Dontrelle Willis, it is unlikely the Marlins see any need for a bad corner and bad outfielder.  With this in mind, their is an excellent article in today's Kansas City Star about state of the team's prospect pipeline.  With closer Octavio Dotel pitching very well and on a one-year contract, he is amongst the best bullpen arms available, if not the best one.  With 1B Ryan Shealy woorking hard to become a 4A hitter, firstbase is an obvious need.

Every day is likely to bring a Mark Teixeira rumor.  Today's comes courtesy of the LA Times.  Bill Shaiken speculates Teixeira could be had for rookie 1B James Loney and pitcher.  If LA was confident Alex Rodriguez was not an option, and reports of $30+MM per year should make that point moot, then adding Teixeira at that price is something to be considered.

The other everyday rumor will be Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis.  Yesterday, I speculated on the Indians because the team has the outfield and catchers to plug those holes in Florida.  Today, Willis to Seattle seems as feasible.  With Wladimir Balentien and Jeff Clement blocked at the major league level, the Mariners could explore that type of deal.  Both players should be enough, but I wonder whether Jeff Clement could be a catcher a couple years down the road.  With converted-catcher Josh Willingham in LF, could Clement move to 1B?  If so, the Marlins should pull the trigger.  Another Mariners' prospect who may be as interesting if OF Michael Saunders.  

Ken Griffey is making noise about the possibility of being traded before the July 31st non-waivers deadline.  At 37, Griffey is young enough to have several years left and could chase Bonds' HR record.  Would he be a great fit in Minnesota?  Yes.  Would Twins' owner Carl Pohlad dip into his billions or see Griffey as a marquee attraction for his new ballpark?  I'd like to be the answer to that conditional is "yes".