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Free Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Prospectus is making all of its content available to non-subscribers through the 15th.  This means Will Carroll's "Under The Knife" column is open for discussion as are Kevin Goldstein's minor league columns.

Mr. Carroll provides an update on the Cardinals' Chris Carpenter who made a successful three-inning start on Sunday.  

[He is] pitching well in rehab, but he's not pitching much. His latest outing, again in Single-A, lasted only 39 pitches over three innings. To get back to the standard plan--something I'm not sure Carpenter is on--he'd have one more start and he'd need to throw around 75 pitches....but the progress he's made thus far has looked good. He's showing that everything is more or less in place, besides his stamina, to enable a jump right back into the top slot in the Cardinals rotation.

On a regular schedule, Carpenter should be pitching on Friday, the 13th.  This would make the earliest possible return to the Cardinals rotation next Wednesday, the 18th of July.  That seems ambitious.  Maybe the 23rd is more likely.  Either way, the return allows Carpenter to contribute to the Cardinals' summer run to the top of the NL Central.  It will be interesting to see if the Brewers' young team has enough to maintain their performance for an entire season, and if the Bill Hall injury will be the only significant one the team deals with the rest of the season.

There is also an 8 PM chat with Nate Silver.  This is likely to be as interesting as the All-Star Game, and the 8PM start fo the chat will likely be a lot more interesting than the pre-game.

Related to BP, there is a humorous anti-stats post that is worth reading - Anti-Sabremetrics Diatribe.

FBB with Nate Ravitz at 11AM.

MLB with Rob Neyer at noon.

FBB with Matthew Berry at 3PM.

NFL with Pro Football Weekly at 4PM.