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News From Yesterday

Rockies OF Brad Hawpe drove in his 55th RBI last night.  With a .300 AVG and 13 HR, Hawpe is a starting OF in all fantasy formats.

C.C. Sabathia won his 12th game yesterday.  An AL-leading wins total plus a first place team equals Cy Young.  Sorry Dan Haren.

Joakim Soira pitched the eighth inning.  Again.  No matter what is reported, the fact that he pitches the set-up innings to closer Octavio Dotel while Zach Greinke pitches in less pivotal ones says all one needs to hear about who will close if Dotel is no longer on the Royals' active roster.

The Yankees lost again as their 2007 $40+MM mistake, Kei Igawa, took the loss.  Am I the only one getting tired piling on the Yankees?  At what point does harping on the awfulness of the team turn to cruelty?