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Rookie 3B Ryan Braun is batting third in a Milwaukees Brewers' line-up that is becoming a fantasy goldmine.  He is hitting .308 with four HRs in 52 ABs.  With 7 XBH, he has a superb .596 SLG, too.

What I find odd is his 16 Ks and 3 BBs.  That isn't much better than the Rangers' Victor Diaz.  Yet there is not a hint of displeasure with Braun while Diaz garners a lot.  This isn't an attempt to equate Braun and Diaz just an observation on their similar walks and strikeout totals.

Checking Braun's brief minor league totals offers two pictures.  In 2006, he struck out 100 times in 457 ABs and drew 43 BBs.  In 117 AAA ABs this season, he struck out just eleven times and drew 15 free passes.  Does the improvement in Ks and BBs signal that Braun will do the same in the majors?  If yes, does it mean he will do it in 2007?

In comparison, Victor Diaz spent 2006 in AAA and struck out 99 times agaisnt 25 BBs in 379 ABs.  Before being recalled by the Rangers, he had 90 ABs and struck out 23 times with 7 walks.  There was no real improvement from the previous season.

For me, that is why I cannot equate the two.  For 2007, though?