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Sopranos Finale

How will The Sopranos end?  Last week, Bobby Bacala was gunned down in a train store, and Silvio Dante lays in a coma after a shoot-out outside the Bada Bing.  And what was with the motorcylist being runover?

Anyhow, Boogey Blog has a scenario up that scared me.  He predicts the entire series was one big dream sequence.  If the writer's hadn't been so obsessed with doing them, I'd think he was crazy.  Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling he could be right.  If so, then I'd expect a deafening cry of "That sucks!" to go across the country Sunday evening.

I'm going to venture a guess that Paulie survives and shows his loyalty to Tony Soprano because Tony and Carmelo made his "mom's" wake while everyone else attended Christopher's service.

Does something happen to the Soprano family because of the tragedy Tony has befell on others i.e Christopher and Adriana or Jackie Aprile or Big Pussy or .....