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Greg Jennings

I've been trying to decipher exactly how Brett Favre put together a decent fantasy season last year.  I still haven't figured it out; I'll post something if I ever do.  But one thing I did notice was how WR Greg Jennings was quickly forgotten.

Jennings, a rookie out of Western Michigan, started 2006 on fire pulling in 20 catches for 364 yards and 3 touchdowns in the first five games.   Fantastic!  But then he injured his ankle in Week 7 and sat out the next game.  When he returned, he clearly wasn't the same receiver - as fantasy players who held on to him quickly realized.  Jennings only had 254 receiving yards the rest of the season.

Now Jennings is back and is established as the #2 WR opposite Donald Driver.  Driver usually draws the top cover guy each week, leaving Jennings to deal with a weaker defender.  Assuming they have enough car batteries in the Lambeau Field parking lot to reanimate Brett Favre every week, there should be plenty of opportunities for Jennings this season.   Extrapolating Jennings' early season stats from last year gives you 64 catches for 1164 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.  That seems high at first glance, but that's about where Mike Furrey and Marques Colston finished last year.   With unproven running backs, a solid offensive line, and a Brett Favre who wants to prove something, it's very possible the Packers' passing game could get Jennings those numbers.