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Excellent Question

I post links to chats after chats and normally place any good questions within the comments section, but this one question from the Kevin Goldstein chat is the one the should be on all fantasy minds.

don winningham (ann arbor): Tell us, dear sir, where the top talents picked yesterday fit into your top 50 or top 100 total minor league prospects? Some of us have our own minor league player draft for our fantasy teams coming up in a couple weeks, cheers!

Kevin Goldstein: This is a great question and I was starting to think about it on more of a team level this morning. The only guy who immediately, without question becomes his team's instant #1 prospect is Wieters with Baltimore, though there are 5 or 6 other guys where you'd have to consider it. I'd have Price No.2 on my TB list after Longoria, but he'd still easily be the highest '07 draftee in a top 100.

I suspect some of the high round relievers will make fantasy rosters if they draft as early as don does.  Off the top of my head, the Pirates' Moskas, the Rockies' Weathers, Atlanta's Fields and the Mets' Kunz are a few.