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Joey Gathright & Josh Fields

A couple of hitters were recalled recently that should be considered for pick-up.  The first is car-jumper Joey Gathright, and the other is White Sox 3B Josh Fields.  I like both going forward for the same reason - each should help fantasy teams.

Gathright was tearing-up AAA in the same way that Pirates' CF Rajai Davis was - speed and OBP.  His slash stats of 328/450/392 with 21 SBs is as impressive.  That's right. He has a 450 OBP thanks to 37 BBS in 186 ABs.  That is better than anything he has previously demonstrated.  It is possible he has learned a new trick.  He is 5-7 with a couple of swipes in his first two games with the Royals.

Josh Fields is getting an opportunity thanks to the back pains of incumbent 3B Joe Crede.  Fields has those stats that make fantasy players drool - power and speed.  This year in AAA, his stats were  283/394/498 with 10 HRs and 8 SBs.  Last season, they were 305/379/515 with 19 HRs and 28 SBs.  His strikout totals are a concern (60 in 205 ABs this year and 136 in 462 last year), but regular playing time is all he'll need to accumulate some of those wonderful counting stats.  That and a Crede decision for back surgery.  A poor man's Mark Teahen seems apt.