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Thoughts On Yesterday/Chat Links

Imagine my surprise to wake-up this morning and see A's reliever Santiago Casilla got the save in last night's victory over the Red Sox.  Is it possible Jario Garcia nee Santiago Casilla is really an option for saves?  Last night's game is the answer.

Rookie control artist Kevin Slowey got his first major league win.  It was an ugly outing where he allowed 10 hits in five innings.  But he didn't walk anybody!  I admit to being a little scared of him.

How's this for a shocker?  Brewer's OF Corey Hart stole his 10th base yesterday.  I'm trying to remember if I dropped him from my Yahoo! teams or is he just on the bench.  When my recall abilities kick-in, I really hope it is the latter.

FYI:  MLB Homeplate on XM radio will be broadcasting today's draft on channel 178.

FMLB with Tristan Cockcroft at 11AM

NBA with Chad Ford at noon.

FMLB with Matthew Berry at 3PM

NFL with Pro Football Weekly at 4PM