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Trade Rumors

Let the dimishing of fantasy player trade values begin!  ESPN's Jayson Stark has his  Rumblings & Grumblings column up, and it includes his first Stark Market report which speculates on who is on the trade rumor circuit.  There are no big surprises.  The Rangers' Mark Teixeira and Eric Gagne top the list.  Relievers Brad Lidge and Chad Cordero are also there.  

Not surprising, the Rockies Todd Helton is there, but Stark reports he wouldn't accept a trade to the Bronx Zoo.  His teammate Brian Fuentes is on the list.  I'd think he'd bring more than Lidge or Cordero, and the selection of college closer Casey Weathers with the 8th overall pick makes me think.

The obligatory Aaron Rowand for a reliever is mentioned, but this time there is the hint that speedster Michael Bourn may be available for the right bullpen arm.  Fuentes-for-Bourn anyone?