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Thoughts On Yesterday/Chat Links

Update [2007-6-6 15:52:12 by Eric Hz]: Keith Law is chatting about the draft. Sorry about missing this one. it wasn't up last night when I prepped the links. Here.

Devil Rays rookie Andrew Sonnanstine had a major league debut that seems to match what we'd expect from a good control pitcher on a bad night- six earned runs in seven innings of work with no walks.  If we can chalk-up the first couple innings to jitters, then Sonnanstine may surprise his next time to the hill.

Roy Halladay erased any piece of mind his last start gave.  In fewer than four innings, he allowed 8 runs and 12 hits.  Whatever ailed him pre-appendectomy is back?

With Shane Victorino's SB explosion, rookie Micheal Bourn was lost in the shuffle.  Last night, he stole his 8th base though.  Whereas the Pirates' Rajai Davis is hoping to establish his value on the 25-man roster, Bourn already has.  An injury to any of the  regular Phillies outfielders will make Bourn a Juan Pierre-type player but with better on-base skills and power.  Even better, current CF Aaron Rowand is a free agent after this season.

There is a good line-up of chats today with two focused on minor leaguers, and, by extension, tomorrow's draft.   For those who want the basics of the draft, Baseball America has a Baseball Draft Primer available.

Fantasy Baseball with Eric Karabell at 11AM.

Baseball America's Alan matthews at 2PM.

Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein at 3:30PM.

Fantasy Baseball with Ron Shandler at 3PM