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After months of bluffing and wrangling, the Kansas City Chiefs have traded QB Trent Green to the Dolphins.  The teams eventually settled on a fifth round pick, upgrading to a fourth round pick if Green meets certain performance milestones this season.  It's amazing these two franchises took all this time just to eventually settle on that.

Anyway, now the fantasy implications come into focus.  Green heads to Miami where he's reunited with Cam Cameron, his quarterback coach years ago in Washington.  Miami has a solid running game and good receivers so Green should do just fine.  If he's healthy - and it appears that he is - then he should be worth a spot on your fantasy team.  He may even be a starter in very large leagues.   This also increases the value of RB Ronnie Brown, and WRs Marty Booker, Derek Hagan and Chris Chambers.  And rookie Ted Ginn plays a role in there somewhere as well.  Miami is shaping up to have a very good offense this season.

Over in Kansas City, the new quarterback appears to be untested Brodie Croyle.  I still think that Damon Huard is the best choice, but the Chiefs seem to be determined to make Croyle the man.   This is a situation that I'll be watching closely this summer.  If Croyle is the starter, I'll be moving WRs Eddie Kennison, Samie Parker and Dwayne Bowe down on my draft list.  I'll also be moving Larry Johnson down a bit as well - the Chiefs offense is already too over-focused on the run, having a shiny-new quarterback running the offense won't help.  If defenses don't fear Brody Croyle (it makes me chuckle just typing that) they'll be free to focus on LJ.  LJ owners should be rooting for Damon Huard.