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Thoughts On Yesterday/Chat Links

The A's have announced that starting pitcher Rich Harden will return in a week or so and rehab from the bullpen.  My first thought was, "Huston Street is going to be out a long time."  My next one was Harden's shoulder is about the blow.  Which it is I'm not sure, but it is worth watching.

The Royals are ready to activate closer/Rule 5 gem Joakim Soria from the D.L. on Thursday.  I do not see the team taking Dotel from the closer's role, but it would not surprise me to see a 75/25 split.  Speaking of the Royals, is there any reason Alex Gordon is still in the majors?  

THe Cardinals offense has been working well.  Given the poor starts by all their big bats, this may be a good time to buy low.  Pujols will be tough to get at anything nearing a discount, but Jim Edmonds, Juan Encarnacion, Scott Rolen, Dave Eckstein and Adam Kennedy could likely be had a blow-out prices.  

FMLB with Nate Ravitz at 11AM.

MLB with Rob Neyer at noon.

FMLB with Pete Becker at 3PM

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