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Rajai Davis

The Pirates have called-up AAA speedster Rajai Davis, and, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, he will get a chance to play.

"We're going to give him an opportunity to play, to see what we have in him," [manager Jim] Tracy said.

Davis was tearing-up AAA to the tune of 318/384/469 with 27 SBs along with 21:25 BB:K ratio.  He was an excellent AAA player in 2006 when he hit 283/345/348 with 45 SBs along with a 27:59 BB:K ratio.  "Excellent" meaning he could have been a SB sleeper in fantasy baseball.

What re-excites me is the improvement in his slash stats, and the fact there isn't a reason to play Chris Duffy (241/297/352 14:35) or Nate McLouth (224/297/310 4:16) ahead of him.  Opportunity exists.  SBs to follow.

(For those who want to read what I wrote about him last August, click here.)