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Prospect Hot Sheet 7.0

Baseball America's Prospect Hot Sheet has Red Sox pitching prospect Clay Buchholz on the strength of 19 Ks in 13 innings of work last week.  His season numbers are more impressive - 58 IP and 80K.  As impressive are the 37 hits allowed and 13 walks.  With John Lester taking over the #5 spot from Julian Tavarez, the Red Sox look like they are set-up to continue this season's dominance into the next few.

Tha Yankees get some good news via the list with High A SP Joba Chamberlain and Low A 3B Mitch Hilligoss making the list. Joba is a college player in Florida State League where he has pitched 35 innings and allowed only 19 hits while striking out 42.  Given this is his first exposure to professional ball, his numbers look good, but I will reserve judgement until he competes at AA.  

Hilligoss is another college product.  As a 22-year-old in the Sally league with a slash line of 326/371/439, I have reservations.  He has 19 XBH in 221 ABs and has struck out 34 times versus 16 BBs.  None of that really impresses me, but the Yankees are desperate for position players so Hilligoss bears watching.

And to add to the riches, the Devil Rays have a AA starting pitcher Chris Mason make the list.  He has 64 on 70 AA innings while allowing 63 hits and walking 17.  Is it possible that the DRays will have a plethora of pitching prospects they won't cash-in on in ways similar to what they've done with their hitting ones (Gomes, Cantu, possibly Baldelli)?