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Brad Lidge's value is a question that could be different depending on whether it is assessed for major league clubs or for fantasy clubs.  Yesterday's column by Jose De Jesus Ortiz in the Houston Chronicle offered up some clues about the value Lidge carries to those who cover him for a living.  Whether those values match with what fantasy players would pay is the point of this discussion.

Here are the two proposals Mr. De Jesus Ortiz offered-up for discussion:

Why not trade Lidge to the Philadelphia Phillies for catcher Carlos Ruiz and center fielder Michael Bourn, a Humble native and former University of Houston star? Both of those players are earning the major league minimum of $380,000. Combined, they'd still make $4.2 million less than Lidge while also providing depth and hope for two badly needed positions....For the Astros, it would be a steep price to pay for unloading a talent like Lidge....

Saltalamacchia would be perfect for the Astros, and Lidge could save the Braves' season considering they have lost Mike Gonzalez, whom they acquired this winter to try to fix the bullpen that betrayed them last year....Good trades hurt, but the Astros are in desperate need.

Are either realistic?  Are the Astros really giving up a lot to get what is proposed?