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Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph

The acquistion of 23/10 power forward Zach Randolph by the New York Knicks in exchange for Stevie "Ex-Franchise" Francis and 2nd-year disappointment Channing Frye has garnered positive reviews.  As anyone would expect given Randolph's statistical resume.  However, that same argument cuts both ways.  

If it is so strong, then why would the Trailblazers part with it so easily?  This is the question fantasy players will be asking as they try to incorporate Randolph into their 2007-8 projections for the various Knicks players.

Last year's top three rebounders were Dave Lee (10.4), Quentin Richardson (7.2) and Eddy Curry's career-high 7.1 per game.  If there are only 25 rebounds per game to split between the top three, what will the Knicks' distribution look like after adding a player who hasn't averaged fewer than 8.o in the past four seasons?

As for scoring, which Knick regulars are going to have their points per game docked in order to get Randolph his 18+?  Maybe it will come from those not named Curry, Crawford and Marbury.  If so, what will that do the the values of Richardson and Lee?  

I worry not so much about Richardson, whose back makes his contract nothing but an albatross.  However, I do worry PF David Lee will see his numbers drop across the board and cause him to fall into the same situation Channing Frye found himself - a statistical drop from the prior year that makes him expendable to GM Isiah Thomas.  

Overall, I expect Zach Randolph to do damage to every Knick's 2006 production.  Not to mention what it does to the Knicks' salary cap situation.