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News From Yesterday

Mark Buerhle and the Chicago White Sox called off their contract negotiations over the inclusion of a no-trade clause that the pitcher wants.  Does this mean he is back on the trade market?

Yo Gallardo pitched another gem in his final start before being moved to the bullpen.  Will the Brewers have a change of heart and move Claudio Vargas to make room for Chris Capuano?  There will be very few fantasy players who do not hope so.

The Mariners' Ben Broussard has started five of the past six games.  With 1B/OF/CR eligibility, he could become an option in very deep mixed leagues.  He is already a good one in AL-only leagues.

Chris Duffy looks destined for the disabled list.  This should be the opportunity Rajai Davis needs to get regualr playing time.  For those in needs of quick and cheap steals, Davis has reached to point of viability.

Rockies closer Brian Fuentes has blown four consecutive saves.  Expect a breather but not a permanent change in closers.  There is no reason to ignore the success Fuentes has had pitching in the role.  Plus there isn't a quality option for a switch.  Although the temptation of Jorge Julio may be too great to resist!

Reds rookie Josh Hamilton hit his 13th HR.  If he has a vulnerability, opposing pitchers had better hurry up and find it.  The season is half over.  If Astros' rookie Hunter Pence would stop producing, Hamilton's story would get him Rookie of the Year honors.

Congratulations to Cardinals' reliever Troy Percival on his first victory since unretiring.  While closer Jason Isringhausen has shown no signs of concern, I wouldn't be surprised to see Percival get an occasional save opportunity.  A veteran former closer is a temptation greater than even Jorge Julio.