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Backup RBs - AFC West

The review of backup RBs continues as we head out west.   Out west to Kansas City.  Even though Kansas City is farther east than Dallas, which is in the NFC East.  OK, I'll stop now.

Denver (#1 - Travis Henry) - A new season, a new 1000 yard rusher in Denver.  With the former Titan taking over the reins, it's back to the bench for Mike Bell.  Bell looked very good last season putting in a 677 yard, 8 touchdown performance.  And when the Broncos decided to get rid of one of the Bells it was Mike that they kept, which must mean they're happy with him.  Or that he was cheaper. Travis Henry should have a great season in Denver but if anything happens to him, Mike Bell will step in without missing a beat.  He's a must-handcuff for Henry owners.

Kansas City (#1 - Larry Johnson) - Under normal circumstances, the only way RB Michael Bennett would be drafted by fantasy teams would be as a deep handcuff to Larry Johnson.  But with Johnson threatening to hold out, the chance that Bennett will become the starter grows a little bit.  The problem is that Bennett can't seem to stay healthy.  Is he healthy this year?  Nobody knows for sure.  Plus, Coach Edwards  keeps saying that the Chiefs need to get younger.  Which brings us to rookie Kolby Smith, who just signed a three-year deal last week.  Assuming Bennett is/will be hurt, pencil in Smith as the #2 and a possible Willie Parker-level super sleeper if LJ actually holds out.

Oakland (#1 - Lamont Jordan) - After winning a Super Bowl as the starting RB for the Colts, Dominic Rhodes decided he would rather take a bunch of money, lose 12 games and be a third down back for Jordan.  Well, whatever works for you buddy.  Rhodes' powerful style should be a nice compliment to Jordan's quickness and with a rookie QB the Raiders will be running the ball a lot.  Rhodes should have some value in a tandem with Jordan, but would be more valuable if he had the job all to himself.  And while he probably won't play much this season, grab rookie Michael Bush right now if you can stash him away for the next year or two.

San Diego (#1 - LaDanian Tomlinson) - Considering he's only had 157 carries over his three-season career, Michael Turner is a very popular fantasy player.  The Chargers turned down multiple trade offers for Turner, deciding instead to keep him as a backup in case the Event That Must Not Be Mentioned were to happen.  The Chargers may still trade him, but as long as he's backing up LT he should be drafted by all Tomlinson owners.