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Milton Bradley

The Padres have acquired disaffected outfielder Milton Bradley from the Oakland A's in exchange for a low level pitching prospect - if the reports of the alledged deal are to be believed.  This deal, along with RF Brian Giles' activation from the DL, basically clears-up the  rag-tag outfield situation that had centerfielder Mike Cameron flanked by various combinations of  Jose Cruz Jr, Terrmel Sledge, Russell Branyan and Hiram Boccachica for the past month or so.

As long as Bradley remains healthy, the Padres are an improved team.  With a team AVG .244, however, the bar is not very high.  If he could hit just .270, he will have the third highest AVG amongst the starting eight right behind 1B Adrian Gonzalez' .282 and Brian Giles' .276.

This is bad enough, but the Padres do not have any players with OBPs much better.  Part-time OF/3B Russell Branyan has the highest OBP of .359 which is followed closely by Gonzalez' .352 and Giles' .349.

Milton Bradley is now an "elite" Padres' hitter.  Unfortunately, that will not be enough to help the Padres become anything more than an intra-season play-off contender.  There aren't enough skills on offense to make the team anything more than that.