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Backup RBs - AFC South

More backup RBs, this time from the horribly non-traditional AFC South.  Yes, Indianapolis is in the south.  Even though it's farther north than Cincinnati, which is in the AFC North.  Don't think about it too much.

Houston (#1 - Ahman Green) - Hands up who thinks Ahman Green will rush for 1000 yards again this season.  Nah, me neither.  So while drafting Ron Dayne certainly isn't sexy, it should be a good fantasy choice.  Dayne finished on fire last season racking up 429 yards and five touchdowns in his final four games.  If (when?) he gets the starting job, he'll be a solid #3 RB for your fantasy team.  

Indianapolis (#1 - Joseph Addai) - There have been rumors that Coach Tony Dungy liked last season's RRBC of Addai and Dominic Rhodes so much that he wants to do it again, this time with Addai and...uh...wait.  (That can't be right.   Really?   OK, let's pick it up again...)

...this time with Addai and RB DeDe Dorsey.  Dorsey is a second-year player out of Lindenwood University, an NAIA school that plays in the Heart of America Athletic Conference.  Stop laughing! Hey, I'm not making this up!  

Obviously, the Colts are one injury away from a complete offensive meltdown.  Ever wonder what Peyton Manning's stats would look like if he threw the ball 70 times a game?  We might find out.   If you draft Addai I wouldn't bother handcuffing Dorsey, though if you're a Colts fan you'll want to start going to church more often.  

Jacksonville (#1 - Fred Taylor) - You've no doubt heard about this Maurice Jones-Drew guy so I won't bore you.  Let's just say he's a very good running back and while he won't repeat the numbers he put up last season, he would be a great addition to any fantasy football team.

Tennessee (#1 - LenDale White) - If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I'm not a big fan of LenDale White.  And it appears that neither are the Titans, since they not only spent a second round draft pick on rookie RB Chris Henry, but they just resigned free agent and former 1000 yard rusher Chris Brown.  Consider Brown the #2 for now though I would say there's a 50/50 chance that he unseats White as the starter this season.