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Backup RBs - AFC North

Following on from yesterday's article, here are the backup RBs from the AFC North.  If you don't know these guys, it's a good time to introduce yourself.

Baltimore (#1 - Willis McGahee) - It's easy to forget that Mike Anderson rushed for over 1000 yards only two years ago.  He was a popular sleeper candidate last season backing up the creaky Jamal Lewis, but he only received 39 carries. If McGahee goes down (and he's had injury problems in the past), Anderson should return to fantasy greatness.  He'll be a solid handcuff choice this year again.

Cincinnati (#1 - Rudi Johnson) - Rudi Johnson is a fantasy stud.  Which is unfortunate in a way, because rookie Kenny Irons is somebody who could be a fantasy star for years to come.  With Johnson in the way, he won't get his chance to shine anytime soon.  I think the Bengals are going to give Irons some carries this season, but if he ever had the full-time starting job all to himself, I think he would be a breakout star.

Cleveland (#1 - Jamal Lewis) - Anybody backing up the aforementioned creaky Jamal Lewis has a great chance of being the starter before the end of  the season.  Unfortunately, the Browns don't have anybody.  What they do have is third-year back Jason Wright, who had a workmanlike 18 carries for 74 yards in a start against the Steelers last season but finished 2006 with only 189 yards.   They also have a sophomore RB in Jerome Harrison but he hasn't shown anything so far.  Wright looks like he could hold down the job if he got the chance, though the Browns line won't give anybody (including Lewis) much to work with this year.

Pittsburgh (#1 - Willie Parker) - One of my favorite FFL memories is when I drafted Willie Parker in the 19th round of my money league draft in 2005, prompting my friend Mike to exclaim "How many freaking guys have to get hurt for Willie Parker to play?!"  The laughing answer was three (Jerome Bettis, Duce Staley and Verron Haynes) but at the end of the season there I was with a 1200 yard rusher.  That's the type of pick you can bring up at your FFL draft for years.  Ha!  

The point of that story is to highlight that Kevan Barlow only needs one guy - Parker - to get hurt for him to play.  Barlow has rushed for 1000 yards in the past and finished with six touchdowns in only twelve games as part of the Jets RRBC last year.  Put Barlow behind the Steelers offensive line and watch him barrel his way onto your fantasy team's starting lineup.